Wednesday, July 18, 2007

好歌(及MV)重溫:We are the Pigs

頗有George Orwell小說1984的味道。

當年曾遭禁播,作為Dog Man Star第一發single,被認為是商業自殺。(要說商業自殺,suede早有前科,故意將經典作品"My insatiable one"放於"The Drowners"的B-side,才算我行我素,目空一切的舉措。)

豬(pig),是suede最常用的imagery之一。哺乳類低等動物,和狗(dog man star中的"dog")處於進化第一階段,等如革命前夕,處於受壓狀態的無產階級,不願做奴隸的人們,搖身成"stars of the firing line".

以Glam look示人的Brett Anderson的創作力處於顛峰,唱腔發揮也最淋漓盡致。

教堂的鐘聲刺耳得如一響響鑽入耳膜的警笛,由Bernard Butler清晰有力的結他導出,預示執政階層(西方文明?)的墮落。歌曲成於93/94年, 靈感或來自東歐變天,風起雲湧的革命年代。畫面中戴面具的人抬著擔架疾走,令人想起1989年6月4 日。

Well the church bells are calling
Police cars on fire
And as they call you to the eye of the storm
All the people say "Stay at home tonight"

I say we are the pigs, we are the swine
We are the stars of the firing line

And as the smack cracks at your window
You wake up with a gun in your mouth
Oh let the nuclear wind blow away my sins
And I'll stay at home in my house

I say, we are the pigs
we are the swine
we are the stars of the firing line

But deceit can't save you so

We will watch them burn

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